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when i was like 17 i was driving my moms jaguar around town. I was driving it like it was stolen. Some dad with kids walking (they were on the sidewalk in no danger from me...) dude followed me into a parking lot and yelled at me. I was a toughguy 17 year old and was like wtf ever bro what are you gonna do, prove it bla bla bla...

Well he took my license plate and went to the cops with it. Cops called me the next day and were like 'Driving your moms jag much?'

The officer then went on to explain that the guy could have made a citizens arrest or some shit and that i should be careful while driving a nicer car.

Kinda freaked me out, thank god at the time my daily driver was a Tahoe SS. i wasnt goin anywhere fast in that thing.

And clearly i've grown up since and do not drive like that anymore.
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