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Originally Posted by jimmy ny View Post
Any plans for new shocks n struts to go with these springs? Love the idea of keeping Edc. Is the handling going to be improved noticeably? I like the zcp ride height in the rear but would like a 1 or 2 mm drop in the front. How do you adjust? I saw the wrench, do you have to pull the wheels?
This sleeve-over kit was designed to work in conjunction with the OEM shocks with no detrimental effects. As such, replacing the shocks/struts is not necessary.

The handling will definitely be improved over stock due to a lower center of gravity, however...the ride comfort will be very close to stock due to the use of progressive rated springs.

The adjustment of this kit requires the removal of the wheels and and you simply adjust the height using the provided adjustment tools. The rear adjustment is a bit trickier and requires a spring compressor to adjust properly, we recommend a professional do this.

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