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Originally Posted by Draff1 View Post
This is what the car was designed to do. I didn't see any abuse or misuse on these videos (which were pretty cool) so I'm still wondering why the blown engine. His mods are basic and the car looks well-kept. Real track time is far far more grueling than a few blasts to the top end.

Having said that, I am quite disappointed that the Evo pulled on him.
Oh yea, a day at the track is way way more abusive on the car. You're basically redlining the engine over and over again for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Wow, that EVO must have had a modified gear box to do 180mph. I'm surprised his M3 didn't run the EVO down sooner. Granted they offer higher end EVOs in Europe than they do here so maybe it had some different gearing from the factory.
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