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Where my bitches
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Originally Posted by infinitekid2002 View Post
He's saying THAT one series..and i agree..OP's just got a run of the mill 1 series...nothing special...take it easy my 1'er bretheren

(argh why everytime i want to post a real quick reply peeps jump in and ninja post??)
Originally Posted by aretardedorange View Post
Yes right on dude! I was not saying the 1 series is lame I love the 1 series....I was just saying the OP 1 series sucks and so do his girls.. none are special.

He did not have to signify the title with "drunk girls and a 1er". He could have simply said "drunk girls and my car". Or at the least "drunk girls and my bimmer". But perhaps it would have been best if he did not make this stupid thread in the first place.
1. Its a 135, with carbon red interior so it isnt a one in a mill
2. The blonde is cute, and the fact he has a cute girlfriend takes the cake compared to a high school virgin. Who spends his nights fapping to 400 videos.

OP, do you and dont listen to the haters. I would be more than happy to give your girlfriend my best workout.