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Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
Great driving Junior! I've driven Spa but not nearly at your speed. Where did you mount the front camera?
I mounted the GoPro Camera mount on the front lower bumper.
You can see the attachment thingy thats is stuck on.
The back of the GoPro cam rests against the lower grill.
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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
I have 2 GoPro HDs. I bought the second one last week. The purpose for that one will be just like yours, to record the instrument panel. I did a test with mounting it at the streering column (right behind the wheel). I believe that's where yours is too? I'm using720p mode (to get wider angle).
How did you get such clear engine sound? I have a zoom HD recorder, but didn't experiment yet to see where to attach it.
I used Setting 5 Full HD (not wider angle mode, and it's just right!), and mounted the suction cup on the windshield and gave the camera minimal clearance to the steering wheel, so that is was possible to turn the steering wheel with room for you hands and the DCT Flippers. The camera filmed upside down, i corrected that if Final Cut.
Engine sound is like this with the open back plate for the cam with it mounted on the bumper.

Originally Posted by KTM505SX View Post
Nice camera work,great driving
I'm guessing you used the interior cam for engine sound?
How did you mount the dash camera?
I used the GoPro camera with the non waterproof backing (open), without a microphone, the sound came from the lower bumper camera, i cound't believe the sound quality would be this good.
Dash cam was mounted to the windshield

Originally Posted by aus View Post
Good to see you back here.
Great vid. Talk about using all the track and straightening out the curves.
Great to hear the StopTechs held up well.
Did you have any problems with the power steering fluid boiling?
No not with PSF, I run the Stock Fluid. But the water temp whent up to 107C after the oil when above 130C+ with ambient outside air temp of 20C. That was later in the day, maybe I need to clean out the oil cooler radiators, and i was running minimal oil.
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