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Originally Posted by Wakka View Post
I did smash the girl next to me. But if the first girl wasnt in your guys' weight class i cant possibly see how this one is. However, her boobs were fucking amazing, and she had a great booty.

Thats her, and our local jersey shore agent, vincent.

ive got noodz of her that would blow your minds
Dude this girl is a million times better than that Amy Whinehouse looking chick next to her. I have no problem smashing skinnies as long as they're attractive and have an ass. Ass is a must!!! I've done the mistake of smashing skinny, it wasn't fun at all!! A Hyundai can take more of a beating than a skinny chick. I honestly don't see how some of you are attractive to fucking chop sticks

PM noodz of the Spanish chick!