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Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
that's a dick move...he could have just popped his lights on, the guy would have moved over immediately, and he could have continued on his way, but nooo he had to follow him over multiple lanes to make the guy think he was pulling him over just to be a fuckin dick.....
whatever. people need to understand the simple concept of SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT. they understand it perfectly in europe, but most people are too stupid/self-indulged to grasp it here. i wish cops would issue tickets for that more often. maybe if there was a nationwide crackdown and millions of tickets were issued, people would start to pull their heads out of their asses. i ALWAYS gtfo the left lane after i'm done using it. i drive my tahoe 99% of the time these days and it's not exactly a mover. chances are that someone will come screaming up on my ass eventually, and i know how much it pisses me off by someone putting along in the left lane, so i stay clear unless i'm passing.