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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
IMO, its the little intangible things that make the Porsche better and worth the extra money. The way the clutch and gearbox work in perfect synergy, that no other car let alone the one in the M3 or any car for that matter can compare. Its how the steering is so organic, full of feel, and responsive youd think it was connected to the synapses of your brain. I could go on as youre well aware, but these types of things are priceless. Again, for me, Ill take a car that may not be the fastest in a straight like the cayman S but is so abundant in all other areas of being a great driver's car that make it likely the best car in the world at any price.
while none of what you described are "intangible," I totally agree regarding the gearbox. the 6MT in the 911 is near-perfect (only fault was its occasional reluctance to engage 1st, but that's the case with most manual trannies I've driven). steering was also perfect.

I think you're also a bit hyperbolic in describing the Cayman S as "likely the best car in the world at any price."