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Fun ways to break relations with girls:

Yup doesnt have to be a girl you are dating, could be one that you are just bangin around and its time to move the hell on.

I personally like a dump to be as memorable as it is tragic.

In no specific order here are a couple:

- Slept with her roommate (whom was also her best friend) , she walked in and saw the aftermath.... she walked out. She then moved to a different dorm room. These girls hated each other after this, but they all had the same friends so they went to the same parties... oh man talk about a self esteem boost when 2 bitches are fighting about you in the middle of a college party. Felt good.

- Told GF that this really hot girl offered to tutor me in programming class because i wasnt doing well (She came up to me). GF got super pissed and started yelling, i broke up with her because she was a bitch and worried too much about nothing. i then signed off the messenger.( This was all over facebook). Then she started calling /texting turned my phone off... next day turned it back on 26 missed calls and 42 texts. No joke i was stunned. Ended up dating the girl that offered to tutor me. she was gorgeous.

I've got plenty more... just want to see if any of you guys are complete assholes such as myself.
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