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I can totally relate to the OP. I'm an IT consultant and my current client is backward as fawk, I was brought in by the CIO to shake things up a bit and try to move them firmly into the 90's (his quote). Anyhow the manager I work for keeps these two other firms on retainer to do special projects for him IE clean up the crap he does not understand and refuses to be accountable for. Anyhow we have a feed into a data warehouse that is screwing up data aud since the primary users are comfortable with me he asked me to look into it, turns out an SQL script created by one of his retainers is wrong. I simply state that hey the problem lies in this SQL script this line code this column etc.. Now I have it locked on the editor on my screen when I send the email copying the retainer but never saying anything bad just whats wrong. What do you know my session is cancelled by the time I restart the session the script is locked and then changed and the retainer replies I believe you are mistaken and looking at an old copy here is the current source and it's now right. I just let it go based on the food chain but I do have a copy of the old one with timestamps showing when it was copied by me and timestamps of the new version. The retainer ever says anything nasty to me and they get the Godzilla blast from me. OP just keep the info you got(log files) never know when you'll need to make a case for yourself. TA's are just Prof's with a bad attitude. Do you work at UCSD or what university if you don't mind me asking? My sister went to med school there, I went to SDSU as I partied way too much in high school to even come close to admission standards even in the 70's.