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WTF are you looking at?
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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
thanks guys.

i spoke to my co-workers about it at lunch, and their sentiment is the same - burn him.
my boss, on the other hand, is much more level-headed and he suggested that i just let it go, at least for now, because the consolidation project we are doing is a VERY touchy subject and VERY political and this TA, in addition to being a smart-ass little bitch, is one of the most vocal opponents of what we do.

i'll get back at this shit one way or another, but now now...
Umm... I mean. Very confused. He took a shot at you. You have a killing blow opportunity and your boss doesn't want to take it?

Looks as if this piece of shit was trying to make you guys look bad because of his stance against your project. If you don't take this opportunity, how do you know you will get another chance like this?

imho, Your boss sounds like a vagina. No offense.
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