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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
Fuck him. Creepy? He lied to save his own ass. You chose to be a nice guy and tell him that you have proof that he read the email before telling the teacher this. Instead, he goes off on you?

Does he know how easy it is to forward that email to the professor? Followed by a very nice comment along the lines of.. this is the type of person who runs your class when you are busy.
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TA was in the wrong. OP, you just did your job. TA claimed something and you went to verify like you're paid to. If there was an issue, I'm sure you would have wanted to know why so you can fix the problem. You did your due diligence (even went above what was needed by alerting TA), and now owe the TA nothing.

There was nothing creepy about what you did.