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Little dispute at work that has my blood boiling all morning.

So we are doing major network changes at work and I notified everyone who's name was tied to the things we needed to change.

2 months later (this morning) I get an irate email from a professor who is all bent out of shape because he wasn't told about the changes. I look at my email history, and I see that i have notified his TA (because TA's name was the only name tied to the thing we had to change) about the changes, but received no reply. So i write to the prof. and forward him the email that I sent to his TA.
Prof. forwards it to the TA, asking if he knows anything about it.

TA writes back saying that he has never received anything from us and this is the first time he heard about the changes, or he would've replied because he knows how important it is.

Since I am in charge of running mail servers here, my natural reaction is to check the log files on the mail server to see why he hasn't received my message.... I check the logs, and it shows that my message has been successfully delivered AND read by the TA on the same day i sent it.

I let the TA know (out of band, not to get him into trouble with the prof.) that I can see successful delivery of the message right into his inbox and the server logs show that he has also read it.

This ass writes back and accuses me of being creepy. What the fuck? Does anyone else think that I was being creepy?

As I mentioned in another thread about employers monitoring people, we, sysadmins, know everything that you do on our network, but it does not mean we look at it, until you do something very very stupid.... like falsely accuse us of not doing our jobs....

sorry. had to vent.