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I donīt think AMS is right with the GTS lable:

1. SCOTT quotes that there is coming an equal coupe model of the LWC next year as coupe production ends ... so another M3 E92 GTS next year???

2. This car ist totally different from what the GTS stands for ... GTS is 100% Trackcar - WeightReduction only/mostly by strip out trackuseless parts ... the LWC is quoted to be an combination between Daily Driver and Trackcar - WeightReduction by making parts lighter instead of removing them and removing only parts that are not really necessary for daily driving.

3. This car should present how the LightWeight development standards from BMW today are ... same as by the E46 CSL!

SO I guess there is much more possibility that they labeled this car as "CSL" an really less reasons to lable it as "GTS" --> CSL = Concept - Sport - Lightweight !!!