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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Out of the countless replies I made in this thread, this was the only novel.
hmm look again...

(and i notice them in other threads too)

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
When I was in Japan, I saw a lot of cute Asian girls wearing fashionable clothing.
You don't see it as much in LA (unless you go to a highly populated Asian area that is)

I know who made the first 2 tags
Your view on how to spend your money is crazy IMHO and if I did anything like that, I would fall down bad...
Many people co-sign and get fucked. many people give money to their woman and get fucked.
Also, you used the term "gf"
she is not my gf so sorry you made a bad tag
Alsoooo my M3's MSRP is at $83k, not $60k sorry; another poor mistake. you fail at tagging!

And the tranny tags are from that one thread about thai people.
Forgot who it was.
I still find it funny reading them though

I think my tags are worse than bav's tags though.
Bring it
Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
wait did you guys think that.... i liked them for me to wear?
lol... if so, you guys are either retarded... or just.... well retarded is the best way to put it.

I like them for my women to wear.

can you tell which tags I made?
Originally Posted by persian54 View Post

I'm bored

You guys need to come up with better stuff to keep me entertained

I have to be at the office for at least another 3 hours..... slow day. helppp

otherwise I'll just go to facebook or play games on my iPhone or go on slickdeals or go to craigslist or... maybe go onto m3forum.netttttt

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I've seen some worse ones than me.

though I'm not one to remember screen names.

But honestly, if it wasn't for entertainment purposes, I wouldn't even open OT

Just like if I wasn't trying to buy mods, I wouldn't go into the FS section.

Or to learn something, venture into the technical parts.

or to just see people talk about random M3 stuff I wouldn't go into the general section.

etc etc.

see the pattern?

You can call me a troll if you want, doesn't bother me. I've grown a thick skin or a fat one, however you want to look at it

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