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Originally Posted by Dubbedown View Post
I bought 2 nice porterhouses from Whole Foods the other day. I'd say each one is about 1.5lbs, and slightly less than 2" thick. Wondering what is the best way to cook for a medium finish. Let's assume I don't have a world class kitchen, basic tools... cast iron skillet, oven/broiler, and basic seasoning ingredients.

I assume the basic process is sear the meat on the skillet 1-2 mins per side, then stick in the oven at 350? Anyone know how many mins? I've also read other tips such as:

- leave meat at room temp for a bit prior to cooking
- salting can dry out the meal, so only season right before cooking
- don't overly marinate as it can cause the meat to "boil"
- don't use butter since it will burn, use either "clarified" butter or a mix of butter & oil

And any other general tips would be appreciated, thanks!
YES SALT IT. It does not dry it out. Let it get to room temperature and salt it far in advance, 10 min at least, longer the better. Get your grill or pan as hot as possible, 500-600 dgerees, even higher if you can. Sear the hell out of it, cook till warm and red inside. If you're cooking medium quit wasting your money on steaks.

You should not need to marinate.
Butter is fine and wont burn it, good to add flavor to the fillet side.