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Originally Posted by 007MCoupe View Post
do you have a grill? that's the best way.

if not then a simple sear on each side then broil for 10 minutes should work? IDK i've only ever used my grill for steaks. ask me a grilling question and i'll give you a better answer. haha in the kitchen & not grill food? ask the wife.

EDIT: for rubs/marinades beef only needs a half hour to get the general flavor, but the longer the better. add a half a lime's worth of juice to your marinade. my basic when i don't have anything else i want to do it marinade is

lime juice
garlic powder
onion powder
spicy montreal steak seasoning

I eyeball my seasoning. if you think it's too much or too little, you're probably right. just like anything else, less is better.
Bro, you've got a Texan ^here^ asking if you've got a grill. That's like Enzo Ferrari asking you if you have a rachet set. Take this advice and Lock it Down...Thread Closed
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