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How to Cook a Porterhouse Steak?

I bought 2 nice porterhouses from Whole Foods the other day. I'd say each one is about 1.5lbs, and slightly less than 2" thick. Wondering what is the best way to cook for a medium finish. Let's assume I don't have a world class kitchen, basic tools... cast iron skillet, oven/broiler, and basic seasoning ingredients.

I assume the basic process is sear the meat on the skillet 1-2 mins per side, then stick in the oven at 350? Anyone know how many mins? I've also read other tips such as:

- leave meat at room temp for a bit prior to cooking
- salting can dry out the meal, so only season right before cooking
- don't overly marinate as it can cause the meat to "boil"
- don't use butter since it will burn, use either "clarified" butter or a mix of butter & oil

And any other general tips would be appreciated, thanks!
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