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marysm3 appears to be the same poster that has posted on many K40 v. 9500ci threads that I found with a quick google search. He posts the same videos in each instance with almost the same text. I'm willing to bet he's paid by the K40 people.

I only know this because I'm trying to decide what radar/laser protection I want for my new 2011 M3. I'm tempted to go the 9500ci route, but I'm concerned because most of the guys who post on the forums also have LI to complement their 9500ci. That concerns me because it's a lot more money: $1500 for the 9500ci, $900 for the custom install, plus another $600 for the Laser Interceptor and another, what, $200 or so for installation? You're now looking at $3200 for the install instead of low $2000s.