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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
I doubt Chinese Embassy workers, Television Workers in Belgrade, Mothers and Children killed in Iraq and later marked as Colleteral Damage were your enemies. And in the end -- we/they kill more of innocent that actual enemies...

That is my whole problem...
The US is the most discriminate combatant in the history of the world. We have led the way in the development of precision guided munitions and employ them in the greatest numbers. Occasionally those munitions fail or are improperly aimed but overall they result in a substantial reduction in the level of collateral damage. Compare the collateral damage done by the Russians in Chechnya to that in Iraq.

War is an ugly, violent but often necessary business. Civilians should never be intentionally targeted but if the enemy chooses to co-locate their forces or assets with civilians, the responsibility for the resultant civilian casualties lies solely with them.

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