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Originally Posted by wavesofsilver View Post
I like the solution of the MS-8:

So probably my configuration will be:
Front: Morel Hybrid Ovation II components
Rear: OEM, and if I do not like how it sounds, upgrade to Morel Integra Ovation XO coaxial
Underseat: Earthquake SWS-8
MS-8 plus JL XD600/6

I prefer to leave the guess work to people with more experience than me and just enjoy it.

David Z, let me know what you get quote for labor.

Anyone has a recommendation on an installer in Austin?

Thank you everyone for the input
Well, I'll be installing this system myself so I have no idea how much labor is (Ken aka VP Electricity is in Oregon and I'm in Maryland). My system has changed a bit so the quote for my components would be different for yours.

My final system:

Front: Morel Hybrid Ovation II components
Rear: Morel Integra Ovation XO coaxial
Underseat: Jehnert XE 200
Amp: 2x Ark Audio KS 125.4 (the KS 900.6 says "differential inputs" but doesn't accept balanced inputs)

No equalization for now but should sound pretty sweet. There are a few reasons I shouldn't post the price publicly. Make a couple more posts so I can PM you or better yet contact VP Electricity of musicar northwest.
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