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Bearing Failure....

2011 M3 DCT:

Have had numerous engine stalls as in completely shuts off...but starts right back up! This has happen 4X and they cant find anything.

Also have the dreaded ticking/knocking syndrome. First visit to the dealership they did verify the noise. PUMA case started and engineer response was to re-tourque the bedplate bolts. This was done on the second visit. When I went to check on the status of my car, the technician was just returning from a test drive. He tells me that the ticking/knocking is gone. I wasnt so optimistic, so he says lets go on a test drive. We go on a test drive and I take the car behind a local grocery store where it is somewhat quite and a fence line to where we could easily here any noise. It took about eight passes at slow speed but it finally did it and the technician did once again confirm the noise.

Technician elevates the PUMA case again and the engineers come back with: Wait for it....CHANGE THE CRANK SHAFT and BEARINGS!!! This of course has generated a third visit at which point the car is at the dealership now. The new Crankshaft and associated bearings arrived last week. As a side note: The second engineering response took less than 24hrs to receive. I have a feeling that the engineers understand that "SOME" S65 engines have substandard bearings!! My car has 10,831 miles clocked so far.

I will keep everyone posted.