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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
Yep. Not the most amazing highway car as it runs out of gearing ... and it's geared like a dragster (high ratios), so it's free-wheeling pretty soon. Not an autobahn cruiser.

The GTR's numbers are best up top [rpm wise].
You may be thinking that Nissan does what BMW does, and sizes the turbos almost entirely for low lag (tiny) - with little consideration for high rpm output (big).
It's superchargers and smallish turbos [which don't suffer much lag] that run out of steam up top.
Big turbo power grows exponentially until near redline.
Granted the GTR is still only mid-ish sized (combined).


Peak number are approached around 5400rpm-6500rpm and then it falls off somewhat, but not as dramatically as a 335. What's I was trying to emphasize is the torque falling off. A typical example could make 420allwheel torque at 3800RPM, but only 305 at 70000RPM. The M3 couldn't pull at first (GTR was probably @ a higher torque output at the start of the race) until the torque was less of a factor in the race.

Superchargers turn off the crankshaft, the faster the crank spins the faster the supercharger turns. Hence the more RPM you turn the more power you will make until the system becomes inefficient (heat soak etc.). You got that backwards