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Originally Posted by chris s View Post
But the OP's post was not stated to be "informative" was simply a statement of fact. Whatever the case or the circumstances, they ran and he beat him. Period...
You're playing a semantic game. Isn't a fact informative?
And if it wasn't informative what was the point of starting a thread?
Frankly, all I did was state a "fact" too. If you want to impress me beat a GTR from a stop, low speed or around a track. The first gen R35 strong suit wasn't above 100ish. It would perform well but nothing a whole bunch of other cars couldn't match.
Trust me on this one. I had a CLK63 Black Series and an 09 GT-R at the same time. I made a whole bunch of highway runs with a buddy of mine to decide which one I wanted to keep. The Nissan absolutely destroyed the Merc from a stop but once it hit 100 plus the bleeding stopped and the Merc would match it in speed. And given the M3 we're discussing probably weighed less and had more power up high than the CLK63 Black the result isn't too surprising. That said, the new GTR is quite a bit quicker at higher speeds.

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