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Originally Posted by Green-Eggs View Post
Was driving a stock looking M3 with DCT on the open highway. There are no signs it has a 4.6L stroker motor which makes about 500hp. A stock grey GT-R approaches quickly then pulls up next to me which we both acknowledge one another. With open road in front of us, I decide it's safe to do a few quick pulls. We do a quick sprint from 80 to 145-150 which to my surprise that it was even up to 125 where the RS46 pulls ahead. He pulled up next to me & gives me a thumbs up. Figured maybe I took the jump or something. So we line up again & this time my lead is even further after giving him the jump. The third & final time, I started behind the GT-R plus gave him the jump...I had to hit the brakes around 135 not to run into him as that's where the GT-R seems to run out of steam. Pulled up next to him after the final run & he did not want to talk to me.

OK. You beat a stock GTR with a tuned car in a race in the GTRs weakest power band.

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