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Originally Posted by dnvrdrvr View Post
Just wanted to post an update on my setup for anyone who may be considering something similar. I have the following:
  • Wheels: 18x10 APEX ARC-8's, square (anthracite)
  • Tires: Grand Am Continental Challenge scrubs from Turner, 275/35-18
  • Spacers: 15mm TMS (front), 12.5mm TMS (rear)
  • Suspension: Ground Control conversion kit, lowered 1/2" all the way aroiund
  • Alignment: -2.6 Front, -1.97 Rear (0 toe at my shops recommendation)

First, there isn't any rubbing. Anywhere.

Second, GORGEOUS. (giant FAIL for the camera being left at home...)

Third, handling was spectacular. I'm fairly certain I took 3-4 seconds off my best time from last year. (secondary FAIL on my part for opting out of renting a transponder yesterday)


Edit: The photog that was out finally posted pics. Here's a link so you can see for yourselves... I don't have copyright to it, so it goes straight to his site & is watermarked.

no rubbing? good news. i have the same spacers and didnt want to have to remove and worry about different bolts for each setup. do the extended bolts that come with the tms spacers fit well on this wheel?