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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
Well I suppose there are those who like to tweak and those who don't. I don't. I used to have the bitone and no matter what I did I could not get it to sound the way I wanted. And then there was always the desire to tweak something just because I could and then it would end up sounding worse instead of better. Anyway, how do you know what you are aiming for when you have no baseline? I mean unless you have spent hours upon hours listening to a competition grade system, and you were somehow able to store that sound perfectly in your brain, how do you know how to set your crossover points, slopes, levels, phases, and eq exactly such that it sounded just like that competition system you once heard?

With the MS-8 it is different because the unit was programmed by audiophiles to take all of the tweaking and guessing and second guessing out of the equation and to give you in 5 minutes the best possible sound your system is capable of reproducing.
I like the solution of the MS-8:

So probably my configuration will be:
Front: Morel Hybrid Ovation II components
Rear: OEM, and if I do not like how it sounds, upgrade to Morel Integra Ovation XO coaxial
Underseat: Earthquake SWS-8
MS-8 plus JL XD600/6

I prefer to leave the guess work to people with more experience than me and just enjoy it.

David Z, let me know what you get quote for labor.

Anyone has a recommendation on an installer in Austin?

Thank you everyone for the input