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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
sport bikes, my next step.. for a person that never been on a bike other than a small 250cc scooter and i was serious about a bike purchase, is it best to buy the bike you want and learn slow on it or buy a smaller cc and then get the one you want later?
Read this thread:

and go on this website and read all the stickies on in that section.

If you truly are serious about riding and doing it the most optimal way, you will come to a conclusion. I want you to come to one yourself after reading the aforementioned material.

I have told countless people countless amounts of times the safest and quite frankly the best way to get into riding so you can maximize your experience not on just on your first bike but on motorcycles in general.

When you come to a conclusion as to what you think would be the ideal bike to start on, post it in here.