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Only a select few do have traction control including Ducati, BMW, and some Kawasaki's. The main reason why I purchased the S1k is because of the traction control and the ABS. It's already saved me a few times in "oh shit" situations. A few times while riding, I've throttled to 1/2 to 3/4 and the bike came right up. Thankfully, the bike's traction control brought me back down. The way the S1k works is that there are sensors that process thousands of inputs every second and it determines if the front wheel is not complimentary to the back wheel. If it senses that it's not, depending on what mode you're in, it compensates power to bring you back down. I also believe that the S1K is the only bike that utilizes this type of traction control that's why in the different modes the bike lets you wheelie to a certain degree for a certain amount of time.

On the other hand, the CBR is NOT a good beginner's bike. The CBR has a VERY short wheel base and it is very light so it came up on me every single day.

If I were you I would stick with an R6 or even a street bike as a first bike. I would get a used bike as well because I will guarantee you will fall.
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