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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
sport bikes, my next step.. for a person that never been on a bike other than a small 250cc scooter and i was serious about a bike purchase, is it best to buy the bike you want and learn slow on it or buy a smaller cc and then get the one you want later?
The smart thing to do is start on a 600 and move your way up. The reason why is that a 600cc is more forgiving than a 1000cc. In other words if you don't throttle steadily the bike will wheelie and if you don't expect that you will get hurt. Many people have died because they thought they could handle the power and that they could "discipline" themselves. I started on an R6 and moved my way up to a CBR1000RR and finally to the S1000RR. From the R6 to the CBR I had a 5 year hiatus and I fell off it as well. Everybody falls, it's not "if" it's when and how bad you fall. I have an old thread here in off topic where I was doing 5 mph with jeans and a jacket and I had road rash from falling.
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