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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
I'd love to get some seat time in a GT3. I don't doubt what you say about them one bit. They are masters at the track from what I read and see.

I've got the 4LT in my in coming Grand Sport and hopefully that will satisfy me from an interior standpoint.....while recognizing it still isn't the quality of a Porsche. I'm a sucker for the exterior styling of the Vette. If the GT-R came in manual, I may have gone that way instead. I considered it greatly along with the M3. I debated for over two months on which way to go.

Congrats to you for being able to do the Italian thing. Unfortunately at this time, they are just too far out of my price range. A 458 (or even an F430) would look so nice in my garage.
Congrats on the Grand Sport. I too dig the exterior on the Vette's--especially the GS, Z06, and ZR1. Put them next to a base car and you just see such a difference. I am having the same debate as you, as I wish the GTR came in a true 6 speed manual. I enjoy rowing my own, so that makes it a difficult decision. I can't deny the performance of the GTR really appeals to me and I can put my little girls booster seats in it. I'm also considering the M3 as it has the 3 pedal option and I like its driving dynamics. Decisions, decisions.

You too will be able to the Italian thing should you want to. They will continue to depreciate (although recently some models have seen a slight uptick in pricing due to summer approaching in many areas) and will come close to the price of a new Z06 in the not too distant future. If you get the chance try one (an F430 or Gallardo). Both are more reliable than you would think and, to me, just an experience to drive. While they're not quite as easy to work on as a Corvette, they're not that bad. I've changed the fluids on my Superleggera myself and it was fairly straight forward. To be honest, these cars are probably on par in performance with regards to the Z06. However, above 100, they hunker down and provide both confidence and excellent acceleration. I've had my SL up to 170 and it felt like I was glued to the ground. They just feel great in triple digits and they like it there. Again, congrats on the GS. I think the Folks at GM hit a home run there and I would guess that is the best selling Corvette model. Cheers.