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Originally Posted by M3Bahn View Post
They are using a webkit browser in 6.0, I still think it sucks but it is better than other nightmare. Their OS is years behind and they wasted a bunch time on the playbook instead of focusing on their core market.
Yeah that's why I said they "finally" adopted a webkit browser after that monstrosity they had before.

I don't think developing for the playbook first was a terrible idea. They'd get that out (optimized OS for a single device with a single resolution and a single possibility of hardware) before they'd be able to come out with an OS that would be adopted for the lineup of phones they have. Plus the Playbook was a sure bet to get the maximum amount of exposure as opposed to just another phone release.

We all know what the Playbook is. It's BB's "bold" statement that change is coming and it's a much better platform for this statement than another Bold/Curve/Torch/Storm rendition. Now what they have to do is keep the momentum and come out with a flagship phone that has hardware comparable to the industry trendsetters without abandoning their roots. That is going to be the tricky part. I have no doubt QNX is the answer to their former OS dilemma, now they just need to fix their other shortcomings before they bleed to death.