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Originally Posted by snowmants View Post
One thing I am surprised has not been touched on is the general stigma attached to the GTR. I was looking at the GTR but need something more professional looking to drive to the office. The M3 seems to check that box for me.
I also already have a caged Nissan track car albeit a bit older.... So I really wanted something more comfy and easier to live with as a daily driver than the GTR since my daily would never see the track.

If money was no object I would get both the m3 and the GTR and just drive the GTR on weekends and at the track!
It's too expensive and too fast to carry 'inadequacy stigma', even if it is 'not german'.

As far as the 'I'm driving a kids (sports/gt) car' stigma, I found that to be a personal problem.
I thought the 3 series would be more 'professional' than my evo... turns out no one could give a rats ass what I drive - so that thought went out the door. I went back to driving what I like driving (fun stuff).