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Originally Posted by wavesofsilver View Post
I would like to copy your setup for my 2011 convertible

I am also new user that can't PM. Can you please build a complete list of adapter plates, harness etc. with price estimates and post? The system seems to fit in in my 2-3k budget. I have the standard stereo with no Nav.

My understanding, is that my car also has speakers in the foot wells (will get delivery in 2 months). If that is the case, what fits?

Thank you
Not in the foot wells, but there are 8" "subwoofers" under the front seats. The Earthquake SWS-8 fit but after speaking to VP Electricity of musicar northwest he recommends Jehnert XE 200 (which also fit) for my musical tastes (mostly alternative rock). The Earthquakes apparently have more low frequency bass output and are cheaper though, so I still might go for them. He also recommended I run the subs in stereo, for at the crossover frequencies that are commonly used, stereo separation in the bass channels is desired, or something. That ruled out the JL HD900/5. For the other locations, Musicar sells their speakers with adapter places so they bolt right in. I believe they also have a harness made by member Technic that allows one to tap into the factory head unit outputs and speaker inputs by the factory amp in the trunk without needing to cut wiring.

So my new selection is:

Front: Morel Hybrid Ovation II components
Rear: Morel Integra Ovation XO coaxial
Underseat: Earthquake SWS-8 or Jehnert XE 200
Amp: Zapco DC650.6 or Ark Audio KS900.6

I'm so happy I didn't get the Enhanced Premium system or iDrive/navigation. I felt that the EP system is a $4,000 option because it requires iDrive/navigation and and I didn't want navigation because I hate the way the dash looks with the display and no "head unit" and I love my phone's navigation. I don't have a quote yet, but this system should be well under 4K (I'm guessing anywhere between 2-3 depending on the amp or subs I choose) and should absolutely kill the EP system.
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