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Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
Ford doesn't try to compete at the same price point as BMW, so you can't dog them for having interior materials of lesser quality. also, a HUGE part of the reason Ford (and indeed many other domestic auto manufacturers) have struggled is because of the greedy United Auto Workers (UAW) union. average wages of $40 are an enormous cost to overcome, and the reduction in profitability reduces funds available for research and development, making it extremely difficult for companies like Ford to be on the cutting edge of technology.

it's unfortunate that a country founded on capitalist ideals can become victim of labor unions thwarting a free market system. the greedy UAW made their own bed when the auto industry fell, and it disgusts me that my tax dollars went toward bailing their asses out (not all of them obviously).

putting all that aside, I think Ford did a great job on the 5.0 - I hope that it's a success for them.
+1 unions at first were great and still could be, but they have become greedy and their chokehold on the domestics have destroyed their competitiveness.