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Issue with car pulling to the left

I have had this issue when driving that when I let go of the steering wheel the car pulls to the left dangerously to a point where it will drift over 2 lanes in 2 seconds.

So I brought it into BMW service to have a look at it a few days ago and left it there for the day. They said they would give it a wheel alignment and it should be alright.

I picked the car up later that day and drove out of there and the problem was still the same. They suggested to bring it back in on Saturday and they will have another look at it.

So I was back there today. the head service guy said they would give it another wheel alignment and he printed out the data and did minor adjustments to toe, camber etc and then tested it on the road but still no improvement.

Suggested to bring it back on Wednesday and they will go over the car to try and work out what the issue it.

Do any of you guys have any ideas of whats happened here?