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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
Sorry, but there weren't that many Kurds in the entire country. Many people died that day, but 100K is over the top.
I am not sure where you get your information but there are between 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 Kurds in Iraq. The number of civilians killed in the campaign ranges from 50K to 185K. I picked 100K because that is the number estimated by independent human rights groups.

There are many other, more vicious and murderous dictators that should be removed from power, but their lands do not hold oil or minerals or gold.
Name for me an equivalent dictator. One who invaded two of his neighbors, gassed his own people and those of his neighbor, and was in defiance of more than a dozen Chapter 7 UN Security Council Resolutions.

You may have believed that, but nobody in intelligence did.
The intelligence services of the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Israel, and China all believed Iraq maintained stocks of chemical and biological weapons. If you do not believe that take a look at UNSCR 1441 and those nations that voted for it.

He also built schools, hospitals, gave women rights, had a balanced budget, and kept religious fundamentalists at bay. For the longest time, he was an ally to the US.
Iraq was a client state of the Soviet Union. He was never an ally of the US. We did try to use him as a counterweight to Iran after the revolution but to say he was an ally is just wrong.

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