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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Actually, Hawaii thing was the only WW2 experience on US land while the rest of the world was in ruins...
Correct, the civil war was a little bit less than 200 yrs ago.

As for the 9-11 --> you have no idea. Yep, 5 buildings gone and unfortunately for us a lot of people in there.
Now look at Kabul, Baghdad, Pristina, Belgrade, Whole Europe (WW2), Korea (Korean War), Vietnam, and so on... That is real violence...

That is why you view things that way because you have not seen your or your neghbor's house gone in flames, or your cousin killed... If you were to experience the real thing, you would view it differently...

Again -- being there as the uS soldier is a completely different thing...
So it is a bad thing that we have peaceful relations with our neighbors and weren't bombed to ruins in the Second World War? Are you claiming that the violence brought by the Allies against the Axis powers then was not beneficial to the world?

I believe I have more time experiencing combat than you do. You don't have to tell me about the horror it is.

I also find it interesting that you discount 9/11 when around 5 times as many civilians were killed in that attack than in Belgrade during the entire NATO campaign.

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