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Originally Posted by DavidZ View Post
Thanks for the replies. I have found that this install Technic did is now the exact setup I want.

front: Morel Hybrid Ovation II components
rear: Morel Integra Ovation XO coaxial
underseat: SWS-8
amp: JL MHD900/5 or Zapco DC650.6 or REF650

Technic, has the owner found any need for equalization? Or in your opinion did it need any (although I'd guess the 'vert and sedan do differ)? Are you a vendor? I need a few more posts to enable PMs. If not, I'll contact VP Electricity for some quotes. I also don't think I saw a picture or description of the final amp install. Did it fit in the stock location? If so did it require the CD changer trunk trim? Thanks again.
I would like to copy your setup for my 2011 convertible

I am also new user that can't PM. Can you please build a complete list of adapter plates, harness etc. with price estimates and post? The system seems to fit in in my 2-3k budget. I have the standard stereo with no Nav.

My understanding, is that my car also has speakers in the foot wells (will get delivery in 2 months). If that is the case, what fits?

Thank you