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Real life is not the same. It depends on dealer. Lots of ass dealers would hold you onto this for sire.
I have owned my GTR 2 years, about 15 track days with VDC off and about 20 1/4 mile passes with VDC off plus LC. I don't find that a problem so far. My dealer never mentioned anything about that to me.

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I have a buddy with bone stock 09 never drives with t/c on and has never had a problem. Don't believe everything you read people.....
Nissan's owner's manual for the 2009 nissan gtr :

Page 9, Far left column, "Warranty Information" category.
This section lists a few items as "express limitations and exclusions", which includes "Driving with the VDC off".

It's a given that not everyone will enforce this clause, but it's still an 'out' for nissan should a big warranty repair bill show up.