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This is not the end of the world, sorry. Everything will be back to normal in a couple of weeks. American's seem to like to blow everything out of proportion. The government is not packing their shit and moving to another country. They are engaged in a high school drama and grandstanding that will end sooner than later.
The government might be shut down for a couple hours to no more than a week. You people are acting like it's the apocalypse. Seriously, if you can't go a week without a paycheck then you should seriously reconsider and stop going on car forums and start working.
i for one, am financially secure and can go for a while w/o a paycheck. Thats what a savings account is for amongst other things. So VenomBMW, its Friday, i'm off work, its raining, and so i'll visit a car forum if i like...thanks

so lets hope that this only lasts a few days, or a week.

the longest govt shutdown was what, 22-27 days in the 90s? Lets hope it doesn't come to that, or go even longer.

There are junior service members living pay check to pay check supporting their families, not b/c they are irresponsible, but b/c military pay, at the lowest level, isn't that great

you are both right, things will get back to normal, but the question is "when", and I don't think its fair to put uncertainty in military families/Govt employees lives, especially for those stationed overseas in high cost of living areas (Japan, Europe, etc)
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