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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
Alas you don't pay attention to what I say yet again. I was refuting the point he made saying that intelligence said Iraq didn't have WMDs. I provided a link showing intelligence said they DID have WMDs. I never made comments on accuracy. It's the same old crap with you interpreting a different meaning into what people say.

Actually, if the CIA was wrong you have to stop laying all the blame on Bush, you can't have it both ways. Either he lied and went to war without cause or the CIA fucked up and gave him bad intel. Seeing the pdf above makes me inclined to agree with the latter. (Assuming they were wrong, I haven't' seen that link you posted.)
Actually -- Bush is the leader of them all -- he can veto, he can decide. He decided and he should be first responsible for ALL (as were Milosevic, Hussein, and all other leaders...). Then, you go lower to the roots -- again like in all other cases...
What goes around --- comes around...