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Originally Posted by SnakeKiller View Post
i'm sure many people will share my opinion.
the japanese car industry was non existent before WWII, just like european brands were non-existent in the US market, ford alone is widely respected in europe.
Ford is on the top of reliability charts at the moment.
GM and ford have been and still are one of the best innovators in the industry, one example Nissan use Ford develop Plasma Transferred Wire Arc process in the GTR engine.
That's all good. You're welcome to your opinion.
I wish the best for Ford. I'm an American after all.

However, the 2004 F350 6.0 Powerstroke that's in my driveway isn't helping. It's a total P.O.S. The majority of those motors go bad before 80k and they've had multiple class action lawsuits. The last decent Diesel Ford had made for them was the 7.2.... Yeah, maybe the new ones are getting better (supposedly, maybe?) but that doesn't change the fact that I have a POS time bomb in my driveway that I can't trust to take my family on any kind of a far away vacation. Everything else on the truck has fallen apart too. Just a hunk of junk....

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. You buy Fords and I'll wait till they EARN their reptuation back in the U.S.