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Originally Posted by e60cs5 View Post
That must be why they've flirted with bankruptcy several times and have had a crap reputation for quality, reliablity and innovation?

Like i said - they're doing better - which I like to see... but if they had been making awesome cars for the past 100 years - even after the industries of Japan and Germany were devastated by WWII (Helluva head start there) why did they end up in the toilet? I guess maybe because most people don't share your opinion?
i'm sure many people will share my opinion.
the japanese car industry was non existent before WWII, just like european brands were non-existent in the US market, ford alone is widely respected in europe.
Ford is on the top of reliability charts at the moment.
GM and ford have been and still are one of the best innovators in the industry, one example Nissan use Ford develop Plasma Transferred Wire Arc process in the GTR engine.