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Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
I find it hard to believe that your $80k BMW squeaks more than your Vette.

Sorry bro...Gotta call the BS flag on this one.

I only have one small squeek coming from my 2009 the speaker. I use it as a DD, in DC, over pot holes and shitty roads and I have about $13k miles.

My 2011 X5..has no squeeks at all (granted, it is new with only about 4k miles).

Every single Vette I have driven in (new and old) squeeks...must be all the hard plastic.

I'll further back up what Stingray says. Look at my signature....I've owned the cars I talk about. I've had two C6 version Vettes (and the third one is on it's way next week) and they both were rattle free. No exageration at all. I'm no fanboy of any brand---I think thats farily obvious but what I have owned in the past. Like I said in another thread in the M3 forum, that does not mean that the 2011 Grand Sport that I have coming will be rattle free....but if history is any indication, I like my chances. Have you owned a 2005 or later model year Vette?

My M5 had a couple of dashboard rattles. My 335's were built pretty solid save for some rear seat noise....I won't mention the HPFP issues with BMW, though.

My wife's 2006 X5 is more solidly built, by a long shot, over any BMW car I've owned, driven, been in. Don't doubt your experience there for a minute.

My Porsche 997S rattled more than ANY car I've owned.

No one is going to blow sunshine up my ass about how great and noise free European cars are. It just isn't true.

It is actually laughable how sensitive people are about what they drive and this includes all makes and models. BMW and Porsche guys really get butt hurt the most of any though.