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Originally Posted by e60cs5 View Post
My opinion is that GM and Ford have been pumping out crap for 20-30 years and while it's great they're making such huge progress, I'm surprised that people are so quick to jump on the CTS-V > M5 and Mustang > M3 bandwagons.

BMW has always made awesome cars and while the American options can be had for cheaper I still think they have a long way to go to offer a complete car. I would never buy a CTS-V or a Mustang..I don't care if they are a tad faster here or there it's all the little things and certain intangibles that add up to disappointment. They've been doing that for 20 years, so who would be surprised?

BMW has been making awesome cars for a long ass time.
for the past 100 years ford has made awesome complete cars, the Ford GT being its finest to date. but unlike BMW the domestics have to compete on a different market and favor cheap over expensive.