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While I agree a successful businessman would be a good choice...I don't think Donald Trump would be. He's kind of a double-crossing used-car-salesman sleezbag that just deals in things more expensive than cars. I'd picture someone more like Bill Gates as a good choice.

Odom: I agree with much of what you said. It really does make sense to only allow people who put money in decide how it gets spent. I could see it being a problem in, say, the great depression though.

A good way to implement this...better than a flat tax, I think (which could turn into a shell game) is a national sales tax on new consumer goods and services. That way, if you choose to invest money rather than spend it, you get to invest before taxes, which is good for the economy. By being on new items only, the value of the tax stays with an item

For instance, I nearly bought a RAV4 for a great deal recently. However, I'd spend a couple grand in taxes and fees, and a new one comes out in a year and I'd want to upgrade. As soon as I sell, I'd be out depreciation plus taxes, so my loss would be about double in the first year. If there was a new item sales tax only, the value would stick with the car- they'd be worth that much more since tax never needs to be paid on them again. As a result I decided not to buy the car becauses taxes would be a total loss, which is bad for the economy.