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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
yes, i read the article and watched the video. it does not matter what he said or did, pepper spray is NOT a way to deal with the situation like that. by your logic, it would also be OK to use a taser, if he said that he deserved it?

my god, a kid with a stick!!! how fucking dangerous!!! HE WILL KILL ALL OF US!!!
are you serious? he is 8. 1 adult can subdue him. no need for pepper spray.

you can always handcuff a little fucker like that to a light pole for everyone to see.

How many of you have ever been pepper sprayed by cops (not some over the counter pepper spray)? Do you KNOW what it feels like?

Also most of you here are talking out our your ass. Until you get your own kid and know anything about raising them, STFU.

Ok here's a real world example and BTW I have raised two children to adult hood. I live on a street with 11 houses, private streets gated community. two doors up there were two boys, michael and marcus, about 4 and 6 when I moved in 1999. Michael was a shit and Marcus was not far behind, every time the kids would play in the street together, its a cul-du-sac an arguement would ensue and guess what two were the center of it each and every time. They would do stuff like knock other kids off their bikes, hit people with 2x2's, shoot bb's at the other kids, throw rocks and generally just call everybody names. We, the other parents would try and stop them and they would do the same thing back to us. Police visited a few times, mom did not believe in corporal punishment and SoCal is litigation happy especially in areas with expensive homes so basically no one played with them or intervened after a while. I actually told my son who was a year older they give you shit you have my permission to defend yourself in whatever way you need (not my brightest moment as went after them with a bat once when they took his bike). Anyhow they move away as they thought it would be better for the M&M twins to be in rural environment, their problems were a result of society a direct quote from mom. Fast forward to 2010. My neighbors are gossips and I really don't hang out much at all as a result, well the word is going around did you hear about Michael. Seems he turned 18 and continued his behavior and finally so enraged beat another person so badly they suffered head injuries that put them in a chair. He's in prison in Washington state for his actions and his little brother is following in his footsteps as a strong armed robber.

So I say the little fawk needs some restraint and control and if pepper spraying brought to light his actions and consequences so be it. And yes an adult can be afraid to subdue a child as I first hand saw little Michael at 10 years old hit a grown man several times with a 2x2 while he was trying to get the little shit off his kid who he was pummeling for no real reason. Too bad you can't euthanize some kids.