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Originally Posted by stega View Post
Whats the deal w/ traction control?

Can you turn it off wherever and whenever? Does it void your warranty?

No F'ing idea...

You're only allowed to use it to 'get out if you're stuck' - and it's supposedly logged when/how/duration you use it.

Why in the world would you be required to use it... I have no idea.

In R mode, you can still oversteer like mad (allows a good bit of wheel spin).

If I didn't care about poking nissan in the eye, I'd have TC off all the time.

Maybe they don't want people drifting the shit out of the car.

Maybe they don't want legal issues from people [who can't drive to save their lives] suing for selling 'dangerous' vehicles after they end up ass first in a ditch.

edit :
I should add : cold morning, cold tires, cold air...
You will spin wheels short of full power.
And if you push it in a turn, you'll spin the car well before full power.
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