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Originally Posted by lm1z View Post
I think the main point I was trying to make is that there are personality traits that I feel every President should have. A family man? I could give a damn. I'd rather be Clinton getting my dick sucked in the oval office, but I do believe that having a humble, likable personality definitely helps to close deals that work in our favor. As both a political and international figure, I believe the President needs to express this type of demeanor. Behind closed doors, however, I hope he bends everyone over and does work.

It's funny that you are entertaining the idea of Trump as President. At this point I wouldn't care if it was Charlie Sheen as long as the job got done. Maybe he does have what it takes.
All in all EVERYONE knows that things really need to change or our generation, as well as future generations, will be set up for failure.
I get that. but honestly I could care less how much the president is liked. sometimes it's better to be feared then liked. either way I too could care less who the president is next time around as long as he's kicking ass and taking names to get this country together. obama's hearts in the right place but it's not a popularity contest being president and I think he sometimes puts off that vibe aka televising him picking final 4 brackets.

I don't give a rats ass who you're picking for the final 4. I get he's a guy like all of us but to televise that shit, give me a freaking break. run the damn country better and stop having comments on espn dammit.

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